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Risk warning: Trading in CFDs and generally leveraged products can involve losses that exceed the initial investment


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An introducing broker (IB) is a futures broker who has a direct relationship with a client, but delegates the work of the floor operation and trade execution to another futures merchant. The merchant firm is usually a close partner of the IB.


Partners with our IBs in an effort to achieve success by offering theme of the best IB commission rates among high-grade brokers up to $10 per lot.


Joining IB is quick and easy, requires no upfront investment or complex integration

Earn Up to 1 pip per Lot on Your Referred Clients

We believe that every effort will be rewarded, which is why the ClubFX Partnership Program offers highly competitive commission rates.

We pay up to 1 pip per lot on any clients you introduce to ClubFX

Earn an Unlimited 10% on Your Sub-Partners

When you introduce another partner to ClubFX, the new partner automatically becomes your sub-partner. And we will reward you with 10% commission on the earnings generated by your sub-partner.

It’s no upper limit. Therefore, the more your sub-partner earns, the greater your get.

Terms and Conditions
  • As soon as a potential customer moves through the affiliate link, the system caches this action.
  • A partner receives a reward for each trading transaction of a client, for any volume and any duration.
  • A partner is able to withdraw funds at any time and without any restrictions.
  • The amount of your commission depends only on the total turnover. It is not tied to the number of transactions, the amount of the client’s deposit and client’s activity.